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Client Reviews

"Bill has proved himself to be an innovative and productive mechanical design engineer. I would highly recommend him." --Mark Nylander, Group Software Applications Manager, FederalSignal Corporation

"Bill is a very creative engineer, very receptive to new ideas and easy to work with. A classic example of his capability is the need for one of our customers to get a design created and approved quickly to meet a key deadline. Working with our install shop, we had sketched a design for a bracket, faxed it to Bill, and within an hour he had a Solid Works design emailed to us and our customer who ultimately approved it. Bill is a great listener who is able to take "concepts to paper" in a timely and effective manner." --Greg Lary, Director of US Sales, PIPS Technology

"I have known Bill for many years, both professionally and personally. He is a brilliant Design Engineer with a creative business mind. He is a loyal ally and is true to his word." --Cindy Keller, Operations/Sales Manager -KTI